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The proper hair care for braids and weaves

A resounding  question among many women continues to be ‘what is the proper way  to take care of hair braids or weaves?’

First, don’t  be afraid to let your hair rest. This works for both braids and weaves.  The less handling you do with your hair, the better it will be. This  decreases breakage and allows you to keep the length of your hair. Maintaining  that length is the reason why braids and weaves are known as protective  styles.

Once your braids  are finished, you have to be just as careful not to neglect your hair.  Doing nothing to your hair can also cause breakage. It’s important  to treat your braids or weave with the same care you would use on your  natural hair. That means setting aside time for your hair. Some women  like to call it ‘me and my hair time.’

Even when it  is ‘me and my hair time’ there are many common mistakes women make.  Women who suffer from aloepecia or breakage often run into problems  when it comes to the upkeep of their hair. Women who experience those  conditions make the mistake of adding extensions or heavy braids to  their hair.

Remember that  trying to hide your hair problems will not resolve them. By doing so,  it actually adds to the problem and make for more problems in the future.

Here are some  free tips you can do at home to get your hair ready before next visit  to Elom’s.

Wash and use  a deep conditioner on your hair.

Moisturize  your hair and oil it with essential oils/ We recommend olive oil, carrot  oil or shea butter.

If you have  significant newgrow or natural hair, blow dry your hair with cold air.  This will limit the damage. Some salons may actually hurt your hair  when they are unable to comb out your hair. They often wind up pulling  out some of your hair due to the use of an inadequate comb.

At Elom’s,  we will never hurt your hair. We respect your hair and use the proper  tools to make sure your hair gets the best care possible.

Here is another  free helpful hint you can take with you ion your next trip to the salon:

Make sure your  stylist has her nails done. A poor set of nails can cling to your hair  and cause unnecessary breakage.

Another popular  question most women ask nowadays is ‘what is the best way to maintain  extensions?’

The best way  to accomplish this is with the use of shampoos and care.  Whether  you have braids or a weave, we strongly recommended cleaning your scalp.  That can be done rather easily with the use of alcohol and a cotton  ball.

We also recommend  coming in every two weeks to shampoo and condition your hair. That can  also be done at home. It is very important to avoid any accumulation  of residues in your braids. Residues can build up when using regular  shampoos. Avoiding resides can be done by diluting your shampoos and  conditioners with water. Just mix a little of the product with some  water in a bottle that has an applicator tip. The applicator tip will  effectively distribute the product between the rows of your hair, whether  you have braids or a weave.

Prior to shampooing,  remember to rinse your hair with warm water for about two minutes. This  will get rid of any dirt. Then, pour the diluted shampoo into your hair  but remember not to rub the braids.

Once you have  finished the shampoo, thoroughly rinse your hair and perform a deep  conditioning. Next, rinse your hair with fresh water. The fresh water  will help close the cuticles in your hair.

That leads  to the final rinse step which is crucial. An incomplete rinse will leave  product residues in your hair and they will become stuck in your braids.  That can lead to future problems such as the proliferation of bacteria  in your hair, odor and itching of the scalp.

Once you are  finished, make sure that your hair is properly dried. Particularly with  weaves, make sure the braids are dried under the weave. You may even  have to use a dryer at low temperature between each of the rows. And  in the case of  a firm weave, insist on the point of closing.

Also don’t  forget the importance of daily hydration. There should be a certain  level of moisture in your hair every day. The best way to achieve that  is by using leave-in conditioners. These conditioners penetrate your  hair. You can also use a home-made moisturizer lotion which could consist  of olive oil and water. Always be sure to put the mixture in a spray  bottle and spray a little on your scalp every day. You could also spray  some in your hands and then rub and slowly drag along each braid.

Lastly, wear  a satin scarf to bed or lay your head on a satin pillow when sleeping.  This will prevent any of the braids from rubbing on your pillow.



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